It’s Time to Meet Clover™

Does your business need more than a standalone terminal, but less than a bulky expensive point-of-sale system? You’re in luck. CloverTM has got you covered.

It’s more than a terminal, but not nearly as cumbersome as an old school point-of-sale system. Clover can take on your business’ needs with ease. Specializing in quick and full service restaurants and retail businesses, you will notice that Clover will instantly become an integral cog in the machine that is your business.

Clover Options

Clover has multiple hardware options backed by impressive software. This allows for all you do to integrate seamlessly with each piece of hardware your business needs.

  • Clover Station gives you a point-of-sale feel with the touchscreen display, cash drawer, and printer.
  • Clover Mini is the perfect option for merchants who want to upgrade their regular old terminal.
  • Clover Mobile offers a full size POS in a perfectly sized mobile package.
  • Clover Go makes it simple to accept payments from virtually anywhere on a smartphone or tablet.

Clover for Quick Service Restaurants

Owners and managers of QSRs have been racking their brains for years on how to decrease lines, increase add-ons and sales, and save on labor. Until now, it’s just been a part of the day-to-day in the industry. Clover adds even more “quick” to your Quick Service Restaurant. Options that make it simpler to order and pay keep the lines down and sales up.

Clover for Full Service Restaurants

A happy customer is a returning customer. With quick orders, more attention from the servers, and fast easy pay options, Clover helps keep customers happy. Orders can be taken and entered directly from the tables and this allows servers to focus more of their attention on patrons. Once ready for their tab, the patrons can trust that their payment will be fast and secure.

Clover for Retail

Customer interaction is a primary goal for retailers.  That face-to-face is so important in today’s world of online shopping ease, and Clover makes it easier than ever.  Keeping track of inventory is also easier to do with Clover, and it’s all seamlessly synced through the cloud.

What Can Clover Do For You?

Isn’t it time to find out how your business can run more effectively while increasing sales and offering satisfaction to customers?  Call us today to talk about how your business can benefit from Clover.  Targeted Merchant Solutions is your Clover headquarters.

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