Targeted Merchant Solutions is committed to offering the innovative technology solutions developed for an array of business challenges. We understand that no two businesses are the same, therefore we provide merchants the solutions and corresponding technology that will allow for continued growth and success. Your business goals are important–that’s why Targeted Merchant Solutions provides solutions to simplify your business with Surcharge app.

Credit Card Processing

Available for your Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Station.

  • Works on the Clover and Poynt App Markets (more to come)
  • Reduce  payment processing fees
  • Offers a solution to regulated state as well as non regulated states
  • Merchants may surcharge sales made by credit cards
  • Comply with state and Association guidelines
  • Simplifies the process required to legally surcharge
  • Educates the merchants on how to properly surcharge
  • Simplified Clover dashboard allowing merchant to visualize saving
  • Online dashboard enabling merchant to monitor surcharging, discounting remotely

Surcharging & Cash Discount FAQ

A surcharge is an extra fee (Convenience Fee= CF) charged by a merchant to consumers for accepting a payment made by credit card. Surcharging is permitted in the United States, Europe, Australia and many other countries as long as the merchant complies with certain rules set by State, Federal governments and the Credit Card Associations. In an effort to simplify the process The Surcharge App enables merchants to surcharge purchases while legally conforming with card brand and state rules. In the united states Surcharging is prohibited in the following states; California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Puerto Rico


  • A business owner may surcharge customers through the surcharge app by setting a convenience fee.
  • The fee should equal the cost of the merchant’s processing fees but at no time be higher then 4%. The card brands request that the surcharge fee charged should be equal from card brand to card brand.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover allow surcharging under similar guidelines.
  • The Surcharge app provide a thorough explanation of those guidelines and help the business owner with the registration process.
  • Surcharging may not be done on debit cards.
  • The business owner must advise the card brands (by completing the forms offered through the surcharge app) and their processor thirty days prior to starting to surcharge.
  • Business must post a surcharge disclosure notice in the store advising customers of surcharging ; sample disclosure notices found in the surcharge app.
  • The merchant will be able to recuperate the majority if not all the fees associated with credit card processing by properly using the surcharge app.


$25.00 sale surcharged 4%=$26.00
Using the above example the average merchant processing
$24, 000 per month would recoup $960
can SAVE $11,520 per year
The merchant eliminated the cost of processing on the sale.
Surcharging would be allowed on Visa, MasterCards, Discover, American Express, credit cards.

Supported Devices