Having a business of any size, it is necessary to have a good foundation.  So what point-of-sale system is your business currently using?  Clover is the answer.  Just ask the Castaways Bar & Grill located in Georgetown, South Carolina.  Using the Clover has transformed their business. The right point-of-sale system is vital in promoting a rise in revenue, happy customers and less hassle over all.  The wrong, well that’s not something any business wants.  Switching over to the Clover will be one of the smartest business decisions you will make.

Clover is one of the top, most efficient countertop point-of-sale systems available for any business.  Its design alone will make you want it and question why you waited so long.  Sleek on the outside and the latest state of the art software on the inside.  It takes up minimal counter space, eliminates clutter and leaves your business looking more like a professional establishment.

So what’s included with the Clover Station?  Included in the standard package is your cash drawer, touch screen tablet, receipt printer (and printer paper), and color coded cables.

Whatever your specific business needs, Clover has you covered. From full service restaurants, to quick in and out eateries and retail businesses, it will be no time at all you realize how much the Clover can do for you. Here a just a few:

  • Track inventory
  • Make payments
  • Manage Employee’s time sheets
  • Reduce processing wait times

Set Up

The Clover is a quick and easy set up. All you have to do is open the box and viola it’s done.  It comes ready for you to plug it in and start making your business money.  There is no more need to worry about if the internet goes out, and let’s face it sometimes it just does for no reason.  Clover makes it possible to still receive payments without the internet, even fast and secure.


But what about its security features?  Clover is backed and protected by First Data, one of the top payment processing companies.  Clover’s technology ensures protection of your customer’s data.   From swipe debit and credit cards to EMV chip cards, Clover reduces the risk of fraud for your business and your customers.  So instead of worrying about how secure your transactions are, you can rest assured that they indeed are.  Now you can just simply focus on your customer’s needs.

Don’t wait any longer, go ahead and get Clover today.  Just like the Castaways Bar & Grill, turn your business into a success and let Clover be the cornerstone of your foundation.

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