Owning a business and keeping it up and running isn’t an easy job.  We know that it takes a great deal of work and can get stressful.  Knowing when to upgrade your payment system is important to keep your business functioning at the highest level.  Understanding when you don’t need to update your system is equally important.   Knowing whether or not your current system is the best fit for your company can get exhausting.  Here is a guideline to help you know if your business is ready for a change:

  • Keeping up with the competition-  If you are a small business running out and purchasing the newest trend in payment systems might not be the best option.  Wasting money is not something that sounds appealing to any business.  Waiting is key.  If you find that your competition has upgraded and seeing an increase in sales and customer happiness it might be time for you to switch as well.
  • Security-  Offering your customers only the best security when it comes to a transaction will set your company apart.  We all know that security breaches and fraud are real and happening all the time.  Providing a secure payment option is a must.  With newer point-of-sale systems, they give you added security, not only will your business benefit but your customers too.
  • Is your technology up to date-  Payment systems are similar to smartphones.  Every time you turn around there is a new and improved device that everyone thinks they have to have.  Upgrading isn’t always necessary to keep up with your competition, but sometimes it is.  Technology is a wonderful thing but your software and devices can expire.  Always keeping a close watch on how efficient your system is operating is one easy way to know if it is time for an upgrade.
  • Standards set by big companies-  When big companies adapt to a new system typically there is an overall technological change in the entire industry. For instance, Apple, upon the release of the iPhone 6, businesses saw the need to have the appropriate devices and point-of-sale systems that could accept Apple Pay.  Those businesses that made the needed changes to receive payments via Apple Pay provided their customers with an additional payment options which in turn provided increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increase Revenue-  Are you are holding back on purchasing a new system because you just simply don’t want to spend the money?  While we understand, just think about this- what if that new system will generate even more revenue?  A new system could pay for itself in the long run, thanks to it helping increase your sales.  Your customers are also aware of the newest technology and will be pleased if they know that the business they choose to make purchases at offer it.

If you still question if an upgrade is needed for your business we are here to help in any way we can.  Here at Targeted Merchant Solutions, we are trained in understanding and knowing what each business needs.  We can get you set up with a system that can handle all your specific needs at an affordable price. There are many point-of-sale systems that keep up with changes and will always be a huge benefit to your business.  Call us today-why wait?

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