If you are like most Americans, money is a topic always in the forefront of your mind. From buying groceries, to having gas in the car,  to ensuring a nest egg for retirement, worrying about money is one of the top stressors people face in today’s world, because let’s face it, money is the one thing that people will always need.  Having financial stability can reduce a large amount of stress, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Most small business owners have reported that they did not have a large amount of startup money at their disposal when trying to launch their new business. Of course, stretching those available funds as far as possible is a top priority, so using credit is what most new business owners use to get their company up and running.  After all the hard work and long nights of getting your business off the ground, the next step is managing your money in the most effective ways. Learning how to properly handle your business’s money will in turn provide greater success.

So what are some steps that you can take to save time and money for your business?  It’s simple, Clover Apps.  Taking advantage of the different apps that are available on Clover devices is a sure way to increase profits.  If you don’t already have a Clover device Targeted Merchant Solutions is here to help, we are your Clover headquarters.  We have all the different devices available at the lowest costs.  If you aren’t using Clover as your point-of-sale system, don’t wait, call us today and start letting Clover do some of the work for you.

The App Market accessible on Clover devices gives your business a vast array of apps that are beneficial to any business. Adding the apps to your Clover device is simple and straightforward and gives you the ability to choose apps that will best serve the needs of your particular business. Thanks to Clover’s superb technology, once you add an app to once device it will sync on all your Clover devices, eliminating the need to add every app to each individual device.

Check out these apps that may be helpful for your company.

  • Cash Log:  Keeping track of cash can sometimes be difficult since most customers choose to pay with credit or debit cards.  The Cash Log app helps make that easier, because it keeps track of all transactions for you and allows more free time for you to focus on other aspects of your business, time is money.
  • Reporting:   A FREE app that supplies real-time data for your business.  This app is a great asset to any business, it provides metrics and detailed reporting about exact items sold as well as any discounts that may have been given. Having a precise record is a great way to help you manage your money.

There are many key components in maintaining a successful business, and the way businesses keep track of money and business transactions is at the top of that list. Start reaping the benefits of these amazing apps by letting them help manage your money for you.  So whether you already have a Clover point-of-sale system or you haven’t joined the Clover Family yet, Targeted Merchant Solutions can handle everything.  We have a trained staff that is only a phone call away.

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