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We Can Help Your Business Start Saving Today

Our team will utilize targeted solutions and equipment to create a customized plan for your specific business needs.  We can help you lower credit card processing rates, develop mobile payment solutions and so much more! Learn how Targeted Merchant Solutions can help your business start saving money and improving efficiency today. The following are the most common merchant types today. Get Started

Restaurants & Bars

Your restaurant guests keep coming back because of the excellent food and the atmosphere, but you know it takes more than that to keep your business running. It is important to have payment technology that is quick, secure, and effective. Restaurants and bars deal with high volumes which means that your time is money. After guests have dined and received service, you want to ensure they can quickly close their tab–and do so securely.


Targeted Merchant Solutions is taking hospitality to a whole new world. We can help take the stress out of check-in and check-out and turn it into an easier task. With easy, efficient and secure credit card processing, you and your customers will be nothing but pleased.


Consumers have changed the way they like to shop, and it is almost expected that businesses have an online store for purchasing products or services.  In today’s world, a business without the convenience of a secure online shopping environment could miss out on potential sales.  Targeted Merchant Solutions knows that your business requires a user-friendly and simple online shopping option for your customers, and that’s why TMS offers our merchants:

  • User-friendly online shopping solutions to increase sales and reduce costs
  • Seamless shopping cart integration and secure hosted payment options
  • Security, featuring PCI compliant payment processing
  • Revolving payment solutions
  • Customizable features and parameters


It doesn’t matter your specific industry, consumers today want to use retailers that offer different payment options. Using major credit cards like MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express, consumers prefer to make in store and online purchases using this payment method. Many merchants that only accept cash are finding themselves in trouble.


Concession stand, delivery service and food truck merchants know the importance of being able to attract and satisfy customers at any number of events and locations. Whether at a street corner, sporting event, community function, activity facility, etc., people flock to vendors who offer convenient meals and treats. The keys to having a good concession business are: having products that people love and delivering orders quickly.

Permanent Makeup | Tattoos

Managing payment processing tends to fall at the bottom of the list when ensuring clients’ comfort and satisfaction at your tattoo or permanent makeup establishment is a main priority.  Accepting all forms of payment can enhance your business and add clientele, and it can be simple.

High Risk Merchants

  • Timeshare Sales
  • Telemarketing
  • 100% Card Not present business types