Importance of Payment Technology that is Quick, Secure, and Effective.

Your restaurant guests keep coming back because of the excellent food and the atmosphere, but you know it takes more than that to keep your business running.

It is important to have payment technology that is quick, secure, and effective. Restaurants and bars deal with high volumes which means that your time is money. After guests have dined and received service, you want to ensure they can quickly close their tab–and do so securely. This quick and secure checkout allows your restaurant/bar to run smoothly and keeps your patrons happy because it is timely and safe to process at your establishment. Targeted Merchant Solutions has all your business needs in order to make sure your business is saving time and money, but most importantly, keeping your guests satisfied.

How can Targeted Merchant Solutions help you?

If you want to run a successful business, Targeted Merchant Solutions is here to help. We can provide you with the necessary merchant equipment and services to alleviate unwanted stress from out-dated equipment.

The equipment that Targeted Merchant Solutions provides will make you and your customers happy by turning closing out a tab into a smooth and easy transaction. PCI compliant merchant processing equipment is vital to an efficient business.  This equipment will help increase profits, reduce fraudulent activity, and eliminate the worries of high billing costs and insufficient funds.  The Clover POS System is just one of the many processing equipment options that Targeted Merchant Solutions offers.

Why Clover™ POS System is The Answer?

From bars to full-service restaurants, the Clover™ POS System is the answer. For maximum data security, the Clover is backed by the world’s largest payment processor First Data.

So get rid of that old cash register and switch to the Clover™, in only 15 minutes you will be amazed. The Clover™ will eliminate the need for separate equipment. Payment terminals, cash registers, printers and barcode/QR code scanners will now be solely run using only the Clover™. The Clover™ also provides the following: Interactive App-The Clover App Market provides loyalty, programs and promotes return business, Manages tips, tabs and authorizations, Rings up orders, Cloud Syncing, Closeout Reporting, Manages customers and employees.