Clover Station


clover station pro

An Advanced Technology Makes Running Your Business Easier.

Not only does Clover have a contemporary look on the outside, but its intelligent software also helps you and your business with making payments, tracking inventory, managing time sheets, and running reports effortlessly. The below Clover Devices also has access to the app market, where you can customize your Clover to suit your business’s particular needs. Clover accepts Telecheck, gift cards and offers loyalty and reward programs.


Clover® Flex

The Flex is Clover’s handheld POS system that accepts payments beyond the counter and more. With its 3g/Wifi capabilities, this device allows your business to accept EMV, PIN entry, NFC, and swipe payments in-store or on the go. The Flex has an embedded QR scanner that allows you to add SKU codes faster and simplify checkout. This solution has most of the amazing functions and features that the Station and Mini offer, such as; inventory management, employee tracking, and running reports.

clover station duo

Clover® Station Duo

Clover Station Duo is the perfect solution for counter service restaurants and retail! Keep your line moving quickly by accepting payments faster. Clover Station Duo has a customer-facing screen that accepts swipe, dip, or tap, and NFC payments. This point-of-sale system does it all, from managing your staff to keeping track of your inventory.


Clover® Mini

Is More Than A Terminal. It Has An Intuitive Touch-Screen Interface With The Choice Of Ethernet Or Wi-Fi. Clover’s app market makes customizing your Clover Mini to meet your specific business needs from bar-tab apps to gift card apps. Or keep it simple with its basic terminal feature. The Clover mini has a built in EMV chip card reader, accepts Apple and Android payments, and Telecheck. Has an integrated receipt printer, as well as a bar code and QR code reader.


Clover® Station Solo

Clover Station Solo was created with Full-Service Restaurants in mind. Managing your staff, inventory, and reports have never been easier with Clover Dining’s full service capabilities such as; table mapping, bar tabs, customizable modifiers for your menu, track guest orders, and more.

Clover Options & Accessories

Every business is unique; that’s why clover offers a variety of options to fulfill each business type for their day-to-day operations.


Clover® Flex

Is the same as larger Clover devices but it has the flexibility to take payments anywhere.


Clover® Mini

Is the perfect option for merchants who want to upgrade their regular old terminal.

clover go

Clover® Go

Makes it simple to accept payments from anywhere on a smartphone or tablet.


Clover Cash Drawers

Cash Drawer and key with tray insert


Clover Mini Swivel Stand

Allows for the mini to easily swivel customer facing.

thermal printer

Thermal Label Printer

You can use a sticky label order printer to attach order details directly to the items you sell.

kitchen printer

Kitchen Printer

Durable printer for printing order to the kitchen, prep-station, and bar.

kitchen printer

Clover Thermal Printer

Connected by ethernet cable, this thermal printer is a quieter solution for when your front of house requires a more silent atmosphere such as fine dining restaurants.

Weight Scale

Clover Weight Scale

Ideal for any business that needs to weigh items to determine cost works great with the Thermal printer. It can be used in restaurants, specialty stores, farmers markets and more.

Hands Free Scanner

Clover Hands-Free Scanner

Easy USB setup for scanning customers items for purchase

barcode scanner

Clover Barcode Scanner

Scan in your inventory or customers items for purchase. Includes scanner, stand, and 7ft USB cable.

Clover Extender

Clover Drive Thru Extender

Idea for any business that has a drive thru and needs the ability to extend a payment device to the customer.

Silicon Sleeve

Clover Silicon Sleeve

Adds an extra layer of protection to reduce damage that could be done from the device being dropped.

Clover Travel Kit

Clover Travel Kit

An easy-to-carry travel bag that provides extra device protection and features car charging capability, or any 110V/220V AC outlet.

Employee KeyCards

Clover Employee Keycards

Assigned Cards for employee logins at any Clover device.