No matter the size of your business, one thing is essential, more than anything else, ensuring a working and efficient payment process – so that your buyers can have a smooth customer service process and you get paid.

Despite current conditions, it’s never been a better time to be on the market; technology is developing at a wickedly fast pace, improving how you can interact with your customers, the data you can collect and analyze, and how incredibly easy it is to receive payment and grow your business. Clover’s Point of Sale (POS) option proves to be one of the best and a must-have investment into your business.

Clover Station pro Mini pos

Here’s the proof

POS Customer Service

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, every day. You can do business on the weekend, or you have someone to call after hours if you need troubleshooting. On the other hand, Square only offers customer service from 6 am to 6 pm PT, Monday to Friday.

Manageable Software Fees

The maximum monthly software fee you will pay per device is $30.95. Other POS systems can charge up to the hundreds per month for software. The basic plan is $4.95 and works for many businesses that don’t need the extra features or customization availability

Business POS Apps and Features

Clovers provide multiple apps and features to choose from so you can fully equip a payment and tracking system that is relevant and manageable by your business. For example, restaurants can provide employee tracking systems, menus, online ordering, and more – many of which are free of charge.

Clover Hardware Options

This POS offers four different hardware options to choose from, which provide unique opportunities while providing excellent options for completing transactions, including contactless payment.

  • Clover Go can go with you anywhere, connecting to your smart-phone or device any taking any type of physical transaction (mag strip, tap, and pin).
  • Clover Flex goes another step further and provides a handheld option that doesn’t need to connect to a smart device, only an internet connection. It can also print receipts and read bar codes.
  • Clover Mini and Clover Station are both counter-top options of different size requirements that provide a faster transaction ability than the Flex but can access all the other features and integrations that Clover provides its users, such as inventory and sales reports.
  • Clover Pro With all the same functions as the Clover Station, this device offers a customer facing payment screen that is perfect for counter service restaurants and retail.

The Best Business POS

Other POS systems are less customizable, only offering an all-one register or smart-phone compatible payment system.

One thing is sure. Choose a POS system that works well with your business and lets you provide exceptional customer service to your customers. Clover is the best option for brands who want to be highly-customizable and build a POS system based on their brand’s size now while being able to grow later.

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  1. Keep track of your customers!
    Not only does Clover have the option of texting or emailing your customers their receipts but this feature allows you to create a customer profile within Clover that keeps a history of each customer!
  2. There is an app for almost everything!
    Are you manually writing your employee schedule every week or calculating your payroll by hand? Are you adding invoices to Quickbooks at the end of the day? Or are you still using punch cards for customer rewards? Clover’s advanced app market has endless options for Employee scheduling and timeclock, Quickbook integrations, rewards and loyalty, and more.

3. Manage tables has never been easier.
Clover Dining was created with customization in mind. Create you’re a visible floor plan and table settings within the app to run your restaurant smoothly. Split checks, move customers, track tables, and more with the flexibility of Clover Dining.

4. Fingerprint technology?
Did you know the Clover Station 2018 model has added a fingerprint reader for a secure employee login. This feature really sets Clover apart from competing Point-of-Sale Systems.

5. What is an offline payment?
Internet and Wi-Fi interruption is often a problem that occurs and sometimes it happens during the most inconvenient times. Clover has designed an offline payment mode that allows the Clover device to capture the payment card details and hold the transaction until the device is connected back to wi-fi.

For more information on Clover Point-of-Sale and the advanced features that it offers contact us today!

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