Full Service Dining

As a restaurant owner you know the importance of efficiency and we know every restaurant is different. That’s why Clover has multiple options from full service dining to quick service restaurants.

Running your front and back of house has never been easier with this all-in-one solution. Clover’s software takes a full service restaurant to a whole new level with its advanced features; managing table sections, firing detailed orders to the kitchen, customizable floor plans, employee management, and more.


Clover Dining allows your staff to communicate effectively between the dining room, bar, and kitchen with its seamless guest and table management features.


  • The digital floor plan is completely customizable; add, move, and resize all your tables to mimic your restaurant’s floor plan.
  • Split checks one way, two ways, or three. Rearrange guest seats or move guests to another table; the possibilities are endless.
  • Pay at the table option is a great feature for the perfect guest experience. Customers can even scan QR codes on their receipt for a contactless payment method.

Fire orders straight to the kitchen with ease and add customizable modifiers to your menu like “No Sauce” or “Extra Dressing”. Even add special notes to orders to make it easier for your front of house staff to communicate with the back of house staff.

Quick Service Restaurant

Clover is making it easier for fast paced food operations to capture all forms of payment (swipe, dip, or tap), offer customer rewards, and manage your employees all on one device.

Scan To Order With QR Codes.

Your guest can scan the QR code on their personal device, browse and order straight from your menu, add a tip, and pay.

Online Ordering

Easy to implement. Customer convenience. And increase your daily revenue. Automatically sync your menu to your website! Customers can place and pay for an order from anywhere, and once it’s paid for, it’s fired directly to your Clover device.

Curbside Service

The Clover Go or Flex are perfect for curbside and delivery service.

Customize Your POS

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