Taking Business to Another Level: Clover Online

We have said it before, and we will say it again, your business NEEDS an online presence.  No matter your industry, an online presence is becoming increasingly vital for any business.  There are many ways that you can setup a website for your business, but now it’s become a part of your payment processing.

Clover Online is an app that come pre-installed on Clover devices.  If you have a Clover device, then you have the ability to utilize Clover Online and the impressive tools it has to offer.  So, the same amazing product that you use to accept payments and run your business will now allow you to setup and manage your online presence with incredible ease!  It really is that simple.

Three Options to Choose From

With Clover Online, you can choose from three different plans to find the one that best suits the needs for your business. Clover Online Basic, Clover Online Plus, and Clover Online Pro are the three plan options that have been developed for businesses.  If you are looking for a simple one page site with contact information and some detail about your business, then Clover Online Basic will provide just what you need.  For those looking for more customization and detail, the Plus and Pro options have the features you will need.

The plans include hosting for your website, more than 20 design templates, and the ability to use 100,000+ professional stock images for your site.  You can even use your own domain.  Each site is mobile-friendly and will automatically render on any device.

What Are You Waiting For?

Clover Users

Restaurants and retailers can have a site that seamlessly syncs with Clover inventory, orders, and customers.  E-commerce and social media integration are also available.  With that said, what are you waiting for?  If you already use a Clover device, then take it a step farther and start your Clover Online web presence today because it is already pre-installed on your Clover Web Dashboard.  There’s no downloading or creating an account necessary.  Find out the quick steps to get started here.

Ready for Clover

If you still haven’t found out what all the hype is about with Clover, it’s time.  Targeted Merchant Solutions is your Clover headquarters.  Demo it, live it, and love it.  It’s that awesome.  Aren’t you ready to kick things up a notch with your business?  Find out how we can help you take it to a new level.

Which plan will fit your needs?  Here’s a handy chart for review:

Accepted: Payment Options More Important To Marketing Than Ever

The retail game is ever-changing.  Online and mobile shopping has certainly caused many retailers to adapt their marketing and sales strategies, but there’s even more to consider these days.  Going beyond the current need for a web presence, retailers are having to take into consideration how people are paying for their products.

This is bigger than accepting major card brands, retailers are facing questions of accepting cryptocurrency, loyalty programs, and omnichannel experience.  The best tool you can have in your arsenal when facing these concerns is an educated payment processor.  That alone can add a tremendous value to your marketing strategy.

Omnichannel experience–denoting or relating to a type of retail that integrates the different methods of shopping available to consumers (e.g., online, in a physical store, or by phone).


Maybe you’ve heard of cryptocurrency, maybe not, but you’ve certainly heard of Bitcoin.  Some companies have already jumped on board with accepting Bitcoin.  There are definitely some perks to accepting cyrtocurrencies, like less bank fees and decreased risk of fraud.  The most intriguing aspect, though, is the marketing potential.  Accepting cryptocurrency can reach people across varied socioeconomic backgrounds and regions.  Wise marketers will want to consider what the acceptance of cryptocurrency can mean for the future of their business.

Omnichannel Experience and Loyalty Programs

When you provide a consistent transaction experience across all channels, you can improve customer satisfaction and retention.  This puts the payment processing at the top of your marketing efforts.  Today’s payment processing offers internal loyalty programs, collecting important consumer data even in brick and mortar retail stores.  Combining the e-commerce and in-store payment solution, you can know your customers in the store as well as you know your online customers.  This tracking gives your business the chance to reward loyalty.

Time to Get Ready

Anything that add convenience and value to your customers is something that will certainly grow in support.  The best thing you can do to prepare for these marketing opportunities hidden in your payment processing is to update your current payment technology and tie in processing with loyalty and the ominchannel experience to boost your customer’s experience across the board.


What Goes Around Comes Around

What Do We Mean?

When we talk about our “What Goes Around Comes Around” mentality, it goes far beyond us offering card processing and occasionally stopping in to check on our merchants.  We firmly believe in patronizing and supporting our merchants, as well as other businesses right in our areas.  Merchant or not, when local businesses stick together and encourage and support one another, good things happen.  Growth happens.  Support happens.  Community happens.

Rooted in Community

Our local businesses can be an incredible tool for growth, but the sense of community is really what drives and inspires Targeted Merchant Solutions.  We make sure to go the extra mile in order for our merchants to know just how important they are to us, and we are certain to always lift up and recommend small local businesses when the chance arises.  Heck, we’ve even been known to run terminal paper over to a nearby restaurant because while we were grabbing lunch we overheard they were running low.

Let’s Do This Together

Imagine the possibilities if all local businesses firmly believed and practiced “What Goes Around Comes Around…”  We see the trend in shopping local and supporting one another locally, and we want to keep that momentum going.  Won’t you help us?  Support your local shops.  It can make awesome things happen.

Keeping It Local

Find Our Crew Out & About

Myrtle Beach, SC

Our President, Jennifer King, can be found all over Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area.  (We think there might be some kind of magic involved because she seems to be everywhere at once).  You can catch her getting a manicure with Melanie at Élan Day Spa, getting her hot yoga on at OM Yoga, or jetskiing on the ICW courtesy of  Myrtle Beach Watersports during her downtime.

Southern Pines, NC

Kimmi Fifield, the Sales and Support Lead, holds down the fort at our headquarter office on Broad Street in Southern Pines.  She is typically fueled by Swank Coffee Shoppe and grabs a quick bite from Nature’s Own or Sweet Basil anytime she gets a chance.  Hot Asana helps both Kimmi and Paisley find their calm with a once a week hot yoga session.

The Director of Marketing, Paisley Downing, is rarely spotted without her toddler sidekick, Finn, when around town.  The Country Bookshop is a favorite spot for her and Finn.  She gets her caffeine fix (to keep up with her little guy) at the Roast Office in nearby Pinehurst and her wine fix (“he whines, I wine,” she says) at the Wine Cellar.

St. Petersburg, FL

Director Jan is living the dream in St. Petersburg, FL.  She works hard and plays hard…when it’s time for a cold one, she can be spotted at Mastry’s Brewing Company.  When it’s time to eat, Ichiban Japanese Restarurant & Sushi Bar is a go to for her.

 Ready to Feel the Difference?

If your current merchant service provider isn’t giving your local small business the support you were expecting, why not find out about the Targeted Merchant Solutions difference?  We are all about a local consultative approach, and we know that through our local support, our communities can truly thrive!

Clover Cash Advance

The New & Simple Way to Get Capital for Your Business

In the past if you wanted to expand your business, add new inventory, or upgrade equipment without tapping out your cash resources, you had to get a loan.  For many, the word “loan” means loads of paperwork, waiting, and headaches.  Who wants to deal with all that?  As a business owner, you just want quick capital to get the ball rolling, and that’s just what the Clover Cash Advance offers.

Read enough and ready to get cash?  Get Started Now!  

Need more information?  Read on!

Why A Cash Advance?

Loans aren’t easy.  On top of that, making fixed loan payments can sometimes prove difficult.  A cash advance is based on your future sales, so you’re borrowing what you can pay back.

It can help you increase and add new inventory, renovate your business, or even increase your marketing budget.  You use your cash advance how your business needs to.  It’s quite simple.

Clover Cash Advance Benefits

  • Quick approval with minimal documentation
  • High approval rates
  • Receive funds within 3-5 business days
  • Cash advance gets paid daily through your merchant processing
  • Options for renewal

The Process

  1. Apply.  All that’s needed is a little information about you and your business.  Get the one page Clover Cash Advance Application Here.
  2. Qualification.  The amount of your cash advance is based off your monthly Visa and MasterCard sales
  3. Repay.  Based on your monthly sales, your cash advance will be repaid.

What are you waiting for?

So, you know the extra cash could be great things for your business…why not apply now?  The process is incredibly simple.  You won’t have to worry about wasting precious time because the paperwork required is minimal.  The approval rates are high, and you will not have to worry about borrowing more than you can pay back because it is based off your merchant processing.  Repayment is even simple.

Let’s Get Started.  

Call us:  (866) 863-2660
Email us: info@targetedms.com

3 Steps to Accept Payments and Boost Business: Step 3

Step 3:  Online Presence

At this point in the game, your business should be equipped with your checkout counter point-of-sale and a solution like Clover™ Flex.  The third step in accepting payments and boosting business is to have an online presence.  You can easily set up a simple online store for an added convenience for your customers and to attract new customers from practically anywhere.


While your primary focus may be sales in your brick and mortar store, you can’t deny that having an online presence will allow for new growth that the storefront just can’t attain.  When you have a Clover POS in your business, you can seamlessly integrate your current inventory into an online store.  Once your store is up and going, payment processing is also a breeze.  Your customers will be able to enter their payment information and checkout quickly and simply.


Menu, please.

It’s true what they say, “if there’s no online menu, I’m not going there.”  Oh, you’ve never heard that?  Well, believe it!  In July 2015, a whopping 86% of diners said they check out a restaurant’s menu online before choosing to go.*  That was two years ago, so those numbers are likely even higher now.  Your online presence can mean big business for you, even if it is just a simple website with your current full menu.

Go beyond the menu.

You don’t have to stop at the menu–think bigger and boost your business by offering online reservations and ordering.  According to Business Insider**, “Orders placed via smartphone will make up more than 10% of all quick-service restaurant sales by 2020, Business Insider Intelligence projects. At that point, mobile ordering is expected to be a $38 billion industry.”

…mobile ordering is expected to be a $38 billion industry.

Let’s Do This

So, what are you waiting for?  Whether you’re only at step one, accepting payments at the counter in your business, or you’ve got your countertop POS and on-the-go payment solutions but are without an online presence, you can accept payments and boost your business with ease.  Let Targeted Merchant Solutions help you get started today!



3 Steps to Accept Payments and Boost Business: Step 2

Step 2:  On-the-go Payments

In the previous Smooth Operations post about the 3 steps to accepting payments and boosting your business, step 1 focused on your in-house POS/terminal.  Step 2 is on-the-go payments.  Being able to accept payments away from the counter can be very advantageous for your business because it can help keep lines short and keep customers moving quickly.  It can also offer increased customer interaction, which studies have found is an important element of the checkout experience according to most patrons.*  Whether a retail store or restaurant, your business can benefit from accepting payments away from the counter and on-the-go.


When your business is faced with busyness, it can sometimes seems like the checkout counter(s) aren’t enough to get the job done.  Customers lined up waiting can be overwhelming to employees and annoying to customers.  Now, imagine if you could take the checkout to the customer…eliminating the chaos and annoyance.


At-the-table checkout is not just a huge convenience for customers, but it also prevents the risk associated with servers having to carry around customers’ cards to and from the point-of-sale system or terminal.

CloverTM Flex

So, how do you start accepting on-the-go payments at your business?  Allow us to introduce the Clover Flex.  It might be small in size, but it packs a mighty punch.  It allows you to accept all forms of payments wherever you are:  cash, gift cards, credit, debit, EMV, ApplePay, Android Pay, and NFC payments.   It also accepts signatures and prints the receipt on the spot, so there is no need to go back and forth to the counter at any point during the transaction.

Clover Flex even tracks sales in real time and manages your inventory and communicates with your other Clover family products.  Flex can be the tool to take your business to the next level.  No matter your business, being able to accept payments away from the checkout counter is your step 2 for payment acceptance.


Smooth Operations: 3 Steps to Accept Payments and Boost Business

Welcome to our first of many “Smooth Operations” series.  The primary goal of this series is to focus on helping you better run your business in all aspects, but there will certainly be a lot of talk about payment processing (because that’s what we know best).  Some sessions will discuss all business types, others will be more specific, but all can be used to your benefit whether you run a storefront, online store only, bar/restaurant, etc.

 3 Steps to Accept Payments and Boost Business:  Step 1

This is part one of three to 3 steps to accept payments and boost business for your small-medium sized brick-and-mortar business…let’s get started!

If you’ve found your way here, it’s likely you are already accepting payments somehow, someway, but we are going to start from square one.  You may even find out that you’re missing out on accepting certain payment types or equipment to make taking all payments simpler.  Incorporating the below three steps will add convenience for both your business and the customer and can help your bottom line.

Step 1:  In-store payment processing for all payment types.

Step 2:  On-the-go payments/Mobile Payments

Step 3:  Online store/gateway

Today we will focus on the first step:  in-store payment processing for all payment types.  Sure, you can check customers out if they have cash or a debit/credit card, but what if they prefer ApplePay/Android Pay?  What happens when you have a customer that would rather pay by check?  (Yes, these people still exist).  Providing the ability to accept all forms of payment to your customers will not only make the process of checking out much faster, but it will offer a convenience that will encourage these people to return again and again to your establishment.


Mobile Wallets

A study performed by PYMNTS and InfoScout determined that in March 2017, 20% of people used ApplePay and 9.7% Android Pay as often as possible for transactions.*  With mobile wallets on the rise, these numbers are likely to keep climbing.  Jumping ahead of the curve could be the best thing for your business, and it could entice a whole new clientele.

Take Ashley, for instance, she is a busy mom of two kids under two years old.  When running errands with her littles, it can be tough to find her wallet in the bottom of the diaper bag.  She chooses to use ApplePay as much as possible.  “I can’t possibly spend time rummaging for my wallet.  I always have my phone within reach in case I need it, and that’s why I choose to use ApplePay.  That means I also try to choose businesses that accept ApplePay.  I’ve switched grocery stores even for that very fact.  Convenience means everything to me right now.”  Ashley J., Southern Pines, NC

Convenience means everything to me right now.


Aside from mobile wallets, you still have your check writers to consider.  So many businesses choose not to accept checks for various reasons, but we’ve found the reasoning typically comes down to time consumption and/or fees.  The fact is, 20% of people are still using checks.**  These people feel it’s safer or it’s a comfortable habit.  Why make it difficult?  You can easily electronically accept checks, satisfying your customers and avoiding bank runs and potential bounced checks on your end.

All Card Types

The best thing you can do when it comes to accepting storefront payments is be educated.  While card brands do carry different costs associated with acceptance, no one brand is higher than another.  This means that if you aren’t accepting American Express and/or Discover because you think their rates are too high, then your processor is doing you a huge disservice.  Please don’t turn away Discover and American Express cardholders!  These cardholders tend to be much more loyal to their card brands than you may realize, and they will find businesses aside from yours if you are not accommodating.

Natalie B., Charlotte, NC is a loyal American Express cardholder.  “If I find out a store doesn’t accept American Express beforehand, then I’m not shopping there.  Now, if I end up having to use another card type, I will, but it’s likely I won’t be back.  It may sound silly, but I want my rewards.”

If I find out a store doesn’t accept American Express beforehand, then I’m not shopping there.

Added Convenience Makes Happy Customers.  Happy Customers Come Back.

The customer is ALWAYS right, right?  Make your customers happy with convenient payment processing in your small-medium sized business.  Accepting all payment types at your check out is imperative.  It’s also only step one in accepting payments for your business.  Stay tuned to find out how on-the-go payments can add to your business in “3 Steps to Accept Payments and Boost Business:  Step 2.”


Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Customer Loyalty Programs For the Win

Rewarding your loyal customers is a practice that just makes sense.  There are now so many simple ways to track and honor those customers that keep coming back for more.  If your business already has a CloverTM product, then you’re probably already taking advantage of this awesome reporting with the free Rewards app, but what are you doing to treat your VIP customers like royalty?  If you’re stumped on how to get a customer loyalty program started, we can help!


Aside from the obvious, they’ll keep on coming around idea, why should you implement a loyalty program?  Two words:  social media.  It is almost too easy for us to share the ins and outs of our day with hundreds plus people, even strangers.  And when given freebies, discounts, and perks for sticking with you, your customers are going to let their friends and maybe even the world know how awesome you are.  Then those friends, strangers, your customer’s sister’s boyfriend’s grandma, etc. are going to come check out your business and maybe even become VIP customers themselves.  If that doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies, we’re not sure what will.


So, what are you going to offer and how?  Get creative and think like a customer.  If you own a coffee shop, an occasional free cup of coffee will certainly perk up a regular customer.  For spas and salons, add on an additional treatment like a paraffin wax dip or 10 minute extra massage time.  Restaurants owners, treat your regulars with a free appetizer or dessert.  Retail and gift shops, offer free gift wrap or even additional coupons here and there.  On top of offering little freebies or bonuses, go out of your way to acknowledge that customer is a VIP.  A simple, “glad to see you back!” can go a long way.

Saying “thanks” with discounts and rewards is a great way to keep your loyal customers happy and encourage growth, so why not get started today?  Let your VIP customers know they are appreciated and treat their loyalty like royalty!

The Perfect Fit: Finding the Clover® Solution for Your Business

Running a business can often times get a little tricky.  Reporting, scheduling, and payment processing are only just a fraction of the daily demands faced by managers and business owners.  No matter what it is you’re selling or how you are selling it, the Clover™ family of solutions has the perfect mix of hardware and software to fit your specific business’ needs.  With 5 options of Clover™ devices available, how do you know which is the best fit?  Let’s talk Clover™ so you can make sure your business gets the perfect fit.

Clover™ Flex

The Clover Flex gives you the same payment and security capabilities as the larger Clover products with the flexibility to accept payments away from the counter.  Wi-fi and optional 3G keep you connected with ease, while the built-in printer and barcode scanner/camera make it simple to check out from anywhere.  The long lasting battery can typically keep up with a full work day, and it can easily integrate to work with other Clover products.

Clover® Go

If you need to accept mobile payments from your smartphone or tablet, Clover Go is the solution for you.  It is simple to use right out of the box, and you can customize the features for sales tax, employee permissions, receipts, and more.  Accepting all payment types on the go like at the local farmer’s market, vendor shows, or at a customer’s job site has never been easier.

Clover® Mini

Are you looking for a terminal with a sleek design to make your counter look nice?  Or do you want a full-powered POS system compact in size?  Either way, with Clover Mini, you’ve got it!  If you’ve been wondering if a Clover product can fit the needs of your business, the Clover Mini is a great place to start.  The Clover Mini can grow with your business.

Clover® Mobile

If your business is fast-paced and in need of a system to keep up, the Clover Mobile is a great fit.  You can even pair it with a Clover System or Clover Mini for even more power!  The Clover Mobile is perfect for food trucks, gives customers the opportunity to quickly pay at the table, and provides a simple option for any business where your customers are in a hurry.

Clover® Station

All of your business operations are combined into one powerful system.  You can accept payments, track inventory, incentivize loyal customers, manage personnel, and much more.  If you own a small to medium sized business and want a solution that will fit all your needs and grow as your business grows, then the Clover Station will be the perfect fit.

Ready to get started?  Have more questions?  Let us know.  We love the Clover family of products, and we know that you will too!  Targeted Merchant Solutions is your Clover headquarters.

Contact us today: (866) 863-2660 or info@targetedms.com