Clover Introduces the New Samsung Ordering Kiosk

Clover Introduces the New Samsung Ordering Kiosk

May is National Small Business Month, a time to celebrate small businesses for their hard work, bravery, patience, persistence, and community efforts. According to a 2020 study by the U.S. Small Business Administration, “there are 31.7 million small businesses in the United States.” Even better news is that “small businesses grew 24% during COVID-19, following a 20% growth in 2019.” Targeted Merchant Solutions (TMS) takes pride in providing business solutions to credit card processing. So, this month we are highlighting the new Samsung Ordering Kiosk for Clover.

This self-service ordering kiosk is an easy-to-setup solution for placing orders at your restaurant that can help decrease wait times while increasing service and sales. Owning a small business is an exciting adventure, but there can often be many challenges along the way. This new ordering kiosk can help your business by solving many of those frustrations.

The kiosk features a user-friendly interface that displays menu items and prices. It also includes options for customization, such as adding or removing toppings or even allowing customers to select the level of spice on a particular item. Customers can view the menu, make their choices, and pay directly at the kiosk.

Our goal at TMS is to find and offer new tools that will allow our merchants to grow their businesses. This kiosk may be just what your business needs to streamline ordering and lower labor costs. Customers can customize their order exactly how they want and utilize the integrated Clover flex payment terminal to pay. There is even a built-in receipt printer and barcode scanner also.

The new Samsung Ordering Kiosk for Clover is a simple way to add self-service ordering kiosks to your restaurant.

The Samsung Ordering Kiosk for Clover is:

  • Easy-to-use– This kiosk option is a fun and efficient way for customer ordering. Add the optional floor stand to place nearly anywhere. You only need power and internet.
  • An extension of your team– It connects and syncs with all other Clover devices.
  • It is customizable– It includes descriptions to menu items, upload images and turn off out of stock items. You can even add your own content, promotions, and specials to the display.
  • All payments are quick– Process secure payments quickly with date protection and encryption.
  • U.S. based 24/7/365 support- Initial setup is important and the kiosk is ready to go with all the needed training. If you have questions, our team can walk you through.


TMS has assisted hundreds of retailers, businesses, and salespeople to sell their goods on the street, online, and in stores. That’s what makes us one of the best merchant service providers, headquartered in the Carolinas and Florida. As your business continues to grow, we feel this additional device will assist in easing your workload, tackling responsibilities, and improving operations through a commercial grade ordering kiosk.

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