Clover Restaurant

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Clover Restaurant

Clover Restaurant

Get the Point-of-sale system that has it all. Clover POS has full-service capabilities designed specifically for restaurants and bars. This POS system helps you run the front and back of the house all from one device. With its user-friendly interface, you can manage your floor plan, menu, bar tabs, employee schedule, tips, reports, and more.

Clover Station with contactless payment

Clover Dining

Table management:

  • Create customizable floor plans for your restaurant
  • Seat guest quick, stay on top of tables and move guest around
  • Smooth order transfers between servers

Clover Dining table app screenshot


  • Fire orders directly to the kitchen or bar, even with the handheld Clover devices
  • Customize orders with modifiers like “No Sauce” or “Extra Dressing” that make it easier for your back of house staff 
  • Add customer requests to order notes 

Person paying on a Clover Flex device


  • Split the bill one way, two ways, or three. Clover makes splitting the bill easy with customizable amounts
  • Customers can scan QR code on their receipt for a contactless payment method
  • Back-up payment mode will always ensure that you can process credit cards even if your internet goes down

Online Ordering

Clover makes online ordering easy by creating a web page for your business with your menu that syncs directly to your Clover device.  

  • Increases your daily orders
  • Customer Convenience
  • No additional costs for your business
  • Easy to implement

Restaurant Scan to order – QR code 

With scan to order, your guest can use their mobile devices to look through your menu, choose what they want to order, and pay the bill.

Contactless menu with a qr code at a restaurant

Quick Service Restaurant: 

Clover Station Pro offers all the same advanced features of the Clover station. However, this device includes a customer facing display that was designed for quick service restaurants and coffee shops.

Clover Station Pro device with printer and smart terminal

Manage your staff: 

On your Clover device or by logging into your online dashboard, you can manage your employees anywhere. 

  • Set levels of permissions for each type of employees
  • Sync employee hours, calculate taxes, and run payroll seamlessly
  • View sales reports and break downs of what each employee sold  
  • Schedule employees, manage shifts

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