Clover vs. Square For Restaurants

Clover vs. Square For Restaurants

Clover is the all-in-one business management tool that allows you to mix and match services that will benefit your business. Not only does Clover have three different service plan options, but each plan is designed specifically for certain business types which helps you run your operation with ease.

Square Weakness

  • No ability to print individual guest bills
  • Pay by guest
  • Move a guest to a different bill
  • Will not accept partial payments
  • Doesn’t support for offline ordering
  • Doesn’t allow for pre-auth with EMV chip cards for bar tabs
  • No employee’s login cards or fingerprint touch login technology
  • Much fewer integrations with third party apps than Clover
  • Charges for rewards and feedback programs and Clover offers it FREE
  • Much higher FEES

Keep it simple with Clover!

  • Clover has enhanced security for processing cards securely in a all in one device
    compared to Squares readers that attach to iPad.
  • POS sale system that allows for contactless payments and pay at table technology.
  • 24-hour support with no hold time
  • Supports ability to add service charge
  • Clover handheld devices allow for taking an order at the table and firing the order to the
    kitchen from that same device. Square’s handheld do not support the ability to fire an
    order to the kitchen.
  • Inventory management easy to use and much more detailed.
  • Pay lower fees with Clover

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